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Yap Ah Shak House members enjoy exclusive access to lounges spread over two floors of the building, and another in the rooftop pavilion that turns into a members-only bar by night. All lounges are equipped with fully automatic Jura bean-to-cup coffee machines, instant hot and cold filtered water, refrigerators stocked with soft-drinks and juice, Sonos speakers through which a curated playlist is gently piped; and reed diffusers with essential oil blends chosen for calming nerves and sharpening the mind.

Complementing the plush sofas and low-slung armchairs in the west lounge are café-style tables paired with classic Eames side chairs by Vitra, offering a good mix of sit-down spaces, either for a languorous discussion or hitting the laptop with a cup of freshly brewed whole-bean coffee to hand.

Work bars located alongside the east lounge provide an additional space when respite is required from meetings. Hay stools lining the long countertop provide unassumingly comfortable seating to perch on while marking-up documents or scribbling notes under a wall of original South-East Asian framed art.

When it’s relief from the hubbub of the office and rest for screen-weary eyes that’s needed, rest pods located on the second floor are available to sink yourself into. Draw the curtains and slip into a brief but revitalising slumber. To freshen up, shower rooms and freshly laundered towels await.

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